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The History of AAA Communications Inc.

AAA Communications Inc. began in 1984 when my father, Dr. Nathan Vaccaro, retired from Dentistry and relocated from New Jersey to Florida. At the beginning our family and first employees were using cord board telephone switchboards to manage and route calls. Incoming messages were hand written and spun on a wheel.

There is no doubt, it was a new venture and an interesting time for our family and the Tele-Messaging Industry.

By 1985 we went to our first computer based system with Amtelco (a leading provider of tele-messaging systems at that time) that lasted 26 years. The first computerized system was a hybrid with a mainframe computer system and an ancillary phone switch.

Looking back at how excited we were to improve our efficiency, it is amazing how much technology has changed. We upgraded in an all-inclusive (messaging and phone switch) in 1989, 1985 and 2003. To better serve our customers, with each step along the way we added services like alpha numeric paging, short message service (SMS) messaging, facsimile, and eventually email.

By 2011, we went to an open source IP based tele-messaging platform that gave us additional features such as secure messaging. Now we have our system housed at a Level 2 Data Center in Tampa, Florida that offers redundancy and consistency to ensure a superior level of Tele-Messaging and Answering Services than what our competition offers.

The future is wide open here at AAA Communications. Future projects are Assured Messaging that allows us to confirm receipt of any message sent when a client views the message. Next will be Data Center redundancy utilizing our Proxmox virtual servers in our Tampa Data Center and backing up to our Nashville Data Center on our encrypted network.

The future is very exciting.

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