Hospitalist Answering Services

Hospitalist Answering Services

At AAA Communications Inc, your Hospital's calls will get answered 24/7/365 by a live, customer-service specialist.

Your patients and practitioners will thank you.

Patient care is your business and it's important for them to be taken care of when they call your office. AAA Communications can utilize our detailed scheduling system to either:

a) distribute calls to the rounding physician/nurse practitioner and or new admit physician/nurse practitioner, use a census (patient list) to distribute to the attending physician/nurse practitioner and new admit physician/nurse practitioner or

b) distribute calls by floor/unit to a physician/nurse practitioner.

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For all Hospital-based providers we have a solution that will fit your practice. Being able to remain in contact with your staff and patients is an important part of your practice and we can fax, email, text message, secure message or patch callers to you when you are away from your office. Flexibility is important and we at “AAA” will strive to find a product that serves you and your business.

Our technology will support whatever product you select for your practice. Our trained operators will accurately and efficiently provide exceptional service to you and your staff and patients. The technology we use will impress both you and you customers. The technological advances that have been made in the last few years have provided us with a powerful reach and a varied product line.

Our remote access tool allows you to download messages, update account on call data, pay your bill, change client contact information or pull reports and access monthly call volume. Our dashboard will provide all the features necessary for remaining connected to your staff and patients. The on-call database can accommodate single to large medical practices with detailed on call information. So if you practice includes attending physicians, admitting physicians or on call physicians we have a policy in place for you. Hospital and practice based businesses can differ in many ways allow us to show you what we can do for you and your medical business.

Our operators are thoroughly trained in every product we offer. People are our business let us find the service you require and be assured you will be satisfied. Our quality control experts become an extension of your business by giving you the highest level of professionalism and service. Our message taking and call handling will provide you with accuracy, consistency, and overall service you require. We routinely review our agents call handling to improve performance, find opportunities for improvement and recognize those agents who perform at the highest level. 

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