Real Estate Answering Services

Real Estate Answering Services

At AAA Communications Inc, your real estate office calls will get answered 24/7/365 by a live, customer-service specialist.

Your agents will thank you.

Keeping agents connected to buyers and sellers.

Whether it is day or night, someone is always looking for a home. As a professional in the real estate industry, your sales are directly tied to your availability to your clients. You never know when that call will come in but you sure don’t want to miss it. AAA Communications offers reliable options to keep you connected to buyers and sellers.

No matter if you are an individual agent or part of an agency, your calls are a vital piece of the puzzle in your business. Whether it’s an inquiry on a rental property, a new home, or an open lot, you tend to get a steady flow of calls. What happens if a prospective buyer calls in and you are on another call? Will the caller leave a message including their contact information or will they call someone else until they reach a live person. It can be impossible to answer every call when you are managing multiple listings, attending open houses, conducting showings, coordinating closings, and not to mention all of the other aspects that are required to run your business. AAA Communications can help keep you on the move. By allowing our live operators to answer your calls, you can make sure you don’t miss another potential money call. Our operators are industry-trained and answer your calls promptly. This gives your real estate business a better way to track your calls.

Real estate answering service is customized to meet your needs. You have complete access to your account through the online remote access tool. You can monitor you account, track your messages, update your call script, and more…right from where you are…in the office or on the go.

We know real estate is more than clients looking to purchase a new home or sell their current one. Investors, developers, and brokerage firms play a big role in this industry and with our 24 hour answering service, you can stay in constant communication with all of your contacts.


We're always here, ready to take your real estate office's calls when you're not available.

Dashboard Access Anytime

Want to make a change to your account? No problem.

HIPAA Compliant

Our staff is HIPAA trained & certified and our technology is fully HIPAA compliant.

Secure Message Delivery

All messages are delivered securely to protect client information.

Local or Toll-free Number

Need a toll-free number? No problem.

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