Emergency Answering Services

Urgent/Emergency Dispatch Answering Service

Urgent/Emergency Dispatch Answering Service

When your callers are experiencing an emergency, they need help right away. This means your phones need to be answered by a live individual regardless of what time of day or night.  Your caller doesn’t have the time or the patience to deal with voicemail. They need responsive service right away.

Whether your business provides a service such as plumbing, security, healthcare, elevator or property management, our professionally certified Call Agents will gather information and dispatch urgent/emergency calls 24/7/365. Consider us an extension of your on-call support team.

Our Urgent/Emergency Dispatch service ensures that your callers are assisted promptly and responsively by a knowledgeable and compassionate voice on the other end. Our Operators are specifically trained to ensure your caller knows that their issue is a top priority. As the Operator follows your custom script, they are be able to determine if the call is a true emergency or if it is a routine call that can wait until the next business day to be addressed. This saves you time and money and prevents an unnecessary dispatch to your on-call technician.

There are many benefits to using our Urgent/Emergency Dispatch service especially when coupled with Assured Secure Messaging. Not only will your callers speak to a live person, their urgent message will be immediately dispatched to your on-call provider. Utilizing our Assured Secure Messaging capabilities, we’ll be able to text the information to the on-call which ensures accuracy of the message relayed. They’ll be able to respond via text to confirm receipt which will save time and money. We can still call them if we don’t receive a text response to confirm receipt of the message. We’ll also be able to email you the dispatch log which will show you who we reached, who responded and at what time. To learn more about how our Assured Secure Messaging service works, our Operator will send out the secure message and when you read it we will be immediately notified through our read/write software that the message has been received and read. 


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