Legal Answering Services

Attorney and Law Office Answering Services

Attorney and Law Office Answering Services

We offer Law Office Answering Services 24/7/365 by a live, customer-service, medical answering specialist.

Your clients will thank you.

Our HIPPA-compliant lawyer answering team has been answering for and supporting clients from a large number of law offices all over Florida since 1984. AAA Communications provides large or small Law Offices, Attorneys and Lawyers with professional and competitvely priced virtual receptionists and legal answering services throughout Tampa, Orlando and all of Florida.

As a preferred industry, your calls will only be answered by highly-trained legal intake experts.

At AAA Communications, every call will be answered by a live receptionist 24/7 or during the hours you designate to your account specialist, but unlike your own receptionist or legal team, our receptionists won't be busy with other paper work or caught between other tasks. Our legal answering specialist answer promptly, with professionalism and will capture and relay every bit of information you designate when we set up your account. From accounts, to clients to important cases you'll know who's calling, why and how quickly they need to get in touch with you.

We are always working to provide our customers with the best answering services possible. One of these critical features only we offer is our "Assured Answering Services" which ensure any secure messages we send your team are not only received but done so in a timely manner. This is critical to those high prioroty calls and cases. Since 1984, we have served a large number of lawyers, attorneys and law offices all across the united states. 

We answer your day-to-day office calls, emergency calls, after-hour calls and any other scenario you would need, which frees you and your team up to focus on the legal matters that matter most. From small to large law offices, AAA Communications has the staff and reliability you could ever need to ensure your team is more productive and able to focus on doing what you do best. 


We're always here, ready to take your legal office's calls when you're not available.

Dashboard Access Anytime

Want to make a change to your account? No problem.

HIPAA Compliant

Our staff is HIPAA trained & certified and our technology is fully HIPAA compliant.

Secure Message Delivery

All messages are delivered securely to protect client information.

Local or Toll-free Number

Need a toll-free number? No problem.

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